• a standards suite for describing investment research, capturing inter-firm interactions, and streamlining updates to coverage lists and research team rosters.
  • a consortium of firms working together to design and enhance the standards
  • an organization available to help you learn how the RIXML Standards Suite can help your firm


Introduction was formed when a number of buy- and sell-side firms came together to discuss a common problem: the amount of investment research that was being distributed had outgrown the tools available to organize it. The consumers of investment research needed better ways to access the precise research they needed, and the creators of investment research needed a better way to ensure that their research was seen by those who would benefit from it.

Since the Research Standard was released, the organization has created other standards to address the needs of the industry, including an analyst roster change standard and a coverage standard. The newest standard, the RIXML Interactions Standard, enables firms to track interactions as required to comply with the EU’s MiFID II regulations.

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