The Friday topic series is our forum for discussing topics that member firms have expressed interest in, including ESG, sector and industry tagging, and exploring how audio, video, and interactive content relates to more traditional research content.

These meetings are open to all individuals at RIXML member firms, so we encourage you to forward this email to anyone in your organization involved in the topics below. Registration is no longer required.  Please see the RIXML newsletter or contact me to receive the link.

These meetings will be held on Fridays at 11AM

03 MAR 2023 Tagging of research and non-research content
10 MAR 2023 GICS Presentation by Garrett Glawe, Head of US Equity Indices at S&P Dow Jones
17 MAR 2023 Blockchain

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To make it easier for new participants to learn about RIXML, our standards suite, and our working groups and other initiatives, we are going to be offering a “get to know RIXML” webinar. We will initially offer this at the following times, with additional sessions in 2023. This webinar is open to everyone, regardless of RIXML membership status.

Register for the November 1 session - 2PM EST

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Our Friday Topic Series has concluded; however, we are in the process of making replays of the presentation portion of many of these meetings available.  These videos include the list of questions we would like your input on as we plan for RIXML v3.0, so feel free to watch them and let us know your thoughts - and feel free to share them with your colleagues as well!



Tagging of Non-Standard Research