Organization Structure

The consortium consists of buy-side financial services firms, sell-side financial services firms, and vendors who provide products and services for capturing investment interactions and tagging and distributing investment research.

The individuals who represent their firms include both IT experts and business-side project managers who represent the analysts, portfolio managers, and others who both produce and consume investment research.


Executive Director

Provides business leadership, project management, and independent evaluation to all of the organization's functional disciplines. Additionally, is responsible for increasing awareness of the RIXML standard via multiple channels - speaking engagements at industry conferences, industry workshops, website.

Jim Ulrich,

Administration & Program Office

Responsible for membership billing invoices, email infrastructure management, office location facilities, website administration, media relations, new members’ inquiries, and management.

Jordan & Jordan - RIXML Program Office

Treasurer’s Office

Responsibility for treasury function, budget, financial books, and records.

Treasurer: Roman Kitov, Deutsche Bank

Committees & Working Groups

Steering Committee

Sets the overall organizational and membership direction and priorities. Advises the Executive Director and Program Office.

Standards & Technology Committee

Facilitate implementation of changes and enhancements to specification that are identified by the Steering Committee and recommend and implement changes to ensure that the specification works as intended and that it is updated as technology and standards change. Working Groups are formed to address specific development directions, as needed.

Chair: Sal Restivo, Morgan Stanley

Componentization Working Group

Responsible for exploring the issues surrounding componentizing various types of investment research and working with the Standards & Technology Committee to develop documentation and recommended best practices in this area.

Chair: Dave White, Quark

Emerging Technologies Working Group

Responsible for exploring ways in which the RIXML standard can be leveraged (and potentially extended) to ensure that investment research content is packaged and delivered in ways that take advantage of the strengths of various new technologies, including smartphones.

Chair: Jim Ulrich,

Entitlements Working Group

Responsible for investigating the feasibility of standardizing the authentication and entitlement process across providers. The addition of entitlement controls at the content element level of the specification will enable the appropriate content elements to be displayed to different user groups, facilitating a personalized experience. As an open standard, the RIXML specification is able to address one of the key challenges - entitlement synchronization across all distribution platforms to ensure a consistent user experience based on level of research access.

Co-Chair: Michael Bassman, Barclays Capital

Co-Chair: Michelle Roxby, Citi

Social Media Strategy Working Group

Responsible for exploring and building out Research strategy and deliverables through the Social Media channels.

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Jim Ulrich, Executive Director
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