RIXML Standards Suite

The RIXML Standards Suite is made up of the following XML standards: RIXML Research Standard, Interactions Standard, RIXML Analyst Roster Standard, and RIXML Coverage Standard.

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RIXML 2017 Objectives

The RIXML organization has a number of objectives for 2017, including the v2.5 schema release, progress in the areas of interactions, componentization, and entitlements, and discussion into how to add value in the area of identity and access management.

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RIXML.org Creates Interactions Working Group

RIXML.org has created a new Interactions Working Group that brings buy-side, sell-side, and vendor firms together to create an open standard for capturing the inter-firm interactions required under MIFID II. This new open standard is designed to facilitate the process of capturing the data necessary to comply with MiFID II’s requirements for paying for advisory services.

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