RIXML 4th Quarter 2020 Members' Meeting

December 2020

At Thursday’s RIXML.org quarterly members meeting, Paul Lankowicz provided an overview of the entitlement dashboard being developed by Blue Matrix, along with the ways in which buy-side firms, sell-side firms, and research aggregators would interact with it. We thank Paul for sharing the entitlement dashboard Blue Matrix is developing, and his willingness to participate in the discussion and Q&A that followed it. This type of robust dialogue exemplifies one of the key the benefits of RIXML.org membership. Would your firm benefit from being part of an organization that facilitates discussion among buy-side firms, sell-side firms, and the vendors that develop products to address their needs? If you would like more information, contact RIXML.org’s Executive Director, James Ulrich.

RIXML.org Newsletter - December 2019

RIXML.org is re-launching our newsletter in order to keep members and interested others informed about the current status of each of our active workstreams, upcoming events, and other RIXML-related news.

You can find the December issue here.

Quarterly Meeting Update: RIXML and the EU Taxonomy for Sustainable Investments

September 2020

RIXML.org is monitoring the guidelines surrounding the EU Taxonomy for Sustainable Investments, as well as US-based initiatives in the Environmental, Social, and Governance space. Join RIXML’s mailing list for updates from our ESG Exploratory Group.

Quarterly Meeting update: Linkbacks Working Group

September 2020

RIXML.org’s Linkbacks Working Group is assessing the current use of Linkbacks as firms expand their digital content delivery options. Jim Ulrich, RIXML.org’s Executive Director, provided an update on the Working Group’s progress at last week’s virtual quarterly meeting. Want to stay informed? Join our mailing list for updates, or contact Jim Ulrich for more information.

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