RIXML.org Welcomes ANALEC as a new member

December 2014

To ALL Members of RIXML.org:

I am very pleased to announce that ANALEC has joined RIXML.org as a new member. We look forward to our partnership. Please join me in welcoming them. Click here for the official announcement.

Many Thanks.


Connect with RIXML.org

September 2014

  • We are pleased to mention to addition of several channels and ways to connect with RIXML.org:
    • Subscribe to our Quarterly Newsletter
    • Follow RIXML.org on LinkedIn
    • Join the RIXML Wiki
    • Follow RIXML.org on Twitter
    We encourage you and your colleagues to take advantages of these channels and we look forward connecting with you!

Introduction and Release of RIXML Wiki Tool for Collaboration

May 2014
To ALL Members of RIXML.org:

As presented and discussed in our Technology Working Groups, we are very pleased to issue the release of a RIXML Wiki tool for collaboration, which is aimed at developing organization content for guidance to our members and the public at large. The Wiki is located at rixml.wikispaces.com

Acknowledgment and much appreciation to Richard Brandt from Quark for facilitating this. Please refer to the attached document for further details and instructions. We encourage your use of this tool as we shape and build out deliverables in our working groups in the coming months.

Many Thanks.


RIXML Newsletter - First Quarter 2014 Issue

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