Looking ahead: AI and NLP implications for research

At the September 2023 all-member meeting, we picked up a discussion that began at our June meeting, when a member indicated that artificial intelligence/natural language processing (AI/NLP) as it impacts investment research is becoming a topic of interest. At the September quarterly meeting, we spent some time identifying various ways that AI and NLP will or could affect how investment research is created, distributed, tagged, cataloged, aggregated, filtered, and discovered. It is clear that this is an important topic for our member firms and our industry, and our goal at the September meeting was simply to begin identifying at least some of the aspects we may want to begin examining as an organization.

While we did not have a set agenda for this part of the meeting, we certainly had plenty to discuss! Because RIXML all-member meetings involve buyside, sellside, and vendor firms, and a mix of technologists, business-side representatives, and topic experts, we were able to have a robust brainstorming session, which will serve as the beginning of RIXML’s work on this topic.

Below is a summary of what we heard. A huge thank you to Kathleen Stowe of Jordan & Jordan for taking great notes during this fast-paced discussion!

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RIXML v3.0 Initiative - September 2023 update
At the June quarterly RIXML all-member meeting, Sal Restivo provided an update on the status of the project to develop the next version of our standards - RIXML v3.0. The slide presentation can be found here, and a summary is as follows:
Since the last quarterly meeting in June, significant progress has been made on the release candidate. Page 4 of Sal’s presentation gives a helpful overview of each of the key enhancement areas and their status. 

In addition to the work on ESG that Don covered earlier, we are finalizing several aspects of the release that will involve significant change:
  • we are updating the asset class/asset type/security type tags to create a nested structure: this is encouraged and implied in the current standard, but will be structured in a tree structure in v3.0, better representing the relationships among these three tags
  • we will be adding support for tagging components, such as embedded charts and graphs. 
  • we will be enhancing the ability to make connections between different research items and between research items and non-research content; this will provide improvements for episodic content, podcast seasons, etc.
  • the Entitlement tag set will be streamlined
  • tags will be added to allow publishers to add expected search terms and to indicate that automated tagging has been applied
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Friday session ad

Our Friday Topic Series has concluded; however, we are in the process of making replays of the presentation portion of many of these meetings available.  These videos include the list of questions we would like your input on as we plan for RIXML v3.0, so feel free to watch them and let us know your thoughts - and feel free to share them with your colleagues as well!



Tagging of Non-Standard Research