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Q: What is

A: is a consortium of buy-side financial services firms, sell-side financial services firms, and vendors who provide products and services for distributing investment research. is committed to the development and implementation of the first open standard for the tagging and delivery of investment research.

The members of developed a standard specification called RIXML, which stands for Research Information eXchange Markup Language. RIXML is an XML standard that provides a structure for categorizing and classifying investment research so that any user can access research content in any format through standard filtering criteria.

More information about the specification and the organization can be found in the About section of the website. The members of are listed on our Membership page.

Q: Why was formed?

A: was formed to define an open standard framework to improve the process of categorizing, aggregating, comparing, and distributing global financial research.

Q: What are the benefits of

A: The creation of RIXML as a common language provides a low-cost way to vastly improve the value of investment research. See the About section of the website for details.

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